Welcome to DLP Motors

We are an independent car service located in East Perth, founded in 2011 after gaining many years of experience in the motor trade. We mainly specialise in European cars, such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, SEAT and Skoda; but don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your vehicle needs- we have the capability to work on any brand!

Our latest diagnostic equipment allows us to work on any vehicle, from a Holden to a Range Rover. This equipment performs to the same standard as main dealer equipment, to give you the same diagnostic work at a fraction of the price that main dealers offer. At DPL Motors we have the technical knowledge and experience to give you and your vehicle the best treatment in our clean and modern workshop.

Customer satisfaction is crucial to us, so we offer courtesy cars and commercial vehicles so that you can continue your day with minimal hassle whilst we work to fix your car. If you live locally, we can also arrange to collect and deliver your vehicle on the day of your appointment.

Volkswagen TDI with loss of power?

Many customers have come in with this problem in their VW or Audi, and after spending thousands of dollars at other garages, they still hadn’t fixed the issue! Fortunately, our skilled mechanics were able to sort it all out within a few hours, and had happy customers back on the road in no time at all.

Porsche Cayenne or VW Touareg with tail-shaft vibration?

This is a known issue for these models, and is to do with the prop shaft bearings. While main dealers will only quote you for a new replacement part, at DPL Motors we can give you the option to have the part fixed or replaced at significantly lower prices.

BMW's with suspension issues? Mercedes with gearbox problems?

We can help! Give us a call, make a booking, or come in store to see how we can get your prized vehicle in top shape again!

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