Air Conditioning

AC Regas & Repair in Perth at DPL Motors

Within your car's liftime, you will probably need at least one air conditioning service. It's then you'll need to find a professional who can offer aircon repair in Perth. Just as you have to check and change the oil and air filters in your vehicle, the air conditioning system needs servicing too. There are a few reasons why this is necessary:

  • Due to leakage through naturally porous pipes, AC systems can lose up to 20% of refrigerant every 12 months. This can result in a less powerful and poor performing system .- It is possible for bacteria and fungi to grow in the system. This can affect your health, and cause reactions like hay fever, skin irritation, runny noses and itchy eyes.
  • A bad air conditioning system can put added strain on your car’s compressor. This can result in the compressor wearing out if it isn’t serviced regularly. If this happens, it can end up being very costly, as more engine power is needed to run the system, which means higher fuel consumption.

How do I know if I need an Aircon Repair?

There are a few indicators that can reveal that you’re AC system needs work. These include car interior taking longer to cool down, a noticeable increase in fuel consumption, and the windscreen taking a while to clear properly. If you notice an odd or musty smell in your car, it is likely that a proper cleaning to de-fungicide will be needed. To prevent it from reaching this level, we recommend getting a regular aircon service in Perth, especially in the summer months when your AC gets its biggest work out.

Air Conditioning Regas is Important

An aircon regas helps keep your vehicle full of the refrigerant required to facilitate the cooling process efficiently. As your vehicle does lose a significant amount of refrigerant every year, an occasional regas is necessary to keep them topped up and functioning effectively.

What can I expect from an AC Service in Perth?

At DPL Motors a typical air conditioning service includes testing for leaks, emptying and recharging the gas in the system, as well as cleaning and deodorising the air conditioning.

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