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Within your car’s liftime, your air conditioning system will probably break. It’s then you’ll need to find a professional who can offer air conditioning repair in Perth. We all know that keeping comfortable is a priority for many Perth drivers, and for good reason. When you’re comfortable, you’re able to pay more attention to the road. Staying alert means that you stay safe, and reach your destination without incident. As such, you should make sure that the interior of your vehicle is as comfortable to avoid distraction. One of the most effective ways to stay comfortable during a drive is with adequate climate control. This is why you have to make sure you choose the right company for your car air conditioning service in Perth, so you can avoid the heat and ensure the proper job is carried out on your system.

How Professional Air Conditioning Service in Perth Makes a Difference

It’s important to take your car to a trusted centre, because your air conditioner is complex system made up of many interdependent parts. As such, any number of problems can present a variety of symptoms. You may notice that it takes longer than usual for the interior of your car to cool down, or that you seem to be using up fuel at a faster rate than usual. Other signs of trouble include fogging on the windshield and a smell of mildew or musk. In any of these cases, you should take your car to a professional as soon as possible, and if you need an air conditioning service in Perth or if more extensive repair is required, you will have all the correct information to make the most informed decision.

An air conditioning regas in Perth keeps your vehicle full of the refrigerant required to facilitate the cooling process efficiently. Refrigerant leakage is common in most cars, and most systems can lose up to 20% of their existing coolant every year. Keeping your refrigerant charged by professionals remedies the problem, and keeps your cooling system functioning as intended. Other repair service options include removing fungi or other debris from inside the system or fixing the compressor in your vehicle. All these tasks should be done without delay, to prevent more costly problems from developing and reduce your system’s rate of fuel consumption over time.

Arrange a Regas or Repair from DPL Motors

When you are looking for professionals to handle your air conditioning repair in Perth, make sure you reach out to DPL Motors. We are one of the most highly-regarded options for air conditioning service in Perth, and our methods have been refined for years to ensure their efficacy. We work exclusively on European cars, so we have extensive practice and are highly familiar with all the brands we serve. Our staff is friendly, highly knowledgeable, and able to take on a wide variety of different tasks. Better yet, we use genuine parts for our repairs, so that you can restore your vehicle to the condition in which you purchased it. When you come to us, we can test your system for leaks, clean, deodorise, and regas it so that it’s ready to run at its best for you. We also have a 12-month warranty on all our work.

It can be easy to travel the highways in comfort when you’ve had an air conditioning repair in Perth done properly by professionals. Contact DPL Motors whenever you need an air conditioning regas or other service, and let one of our experienced staff members explain our process to you in greater detail.

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