Audi Car Service
& Repairs

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    Air Conditioning / Scheduled Servicing / Brakes

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    Motor Rebuilds / Cylinder Head Repair / Head Gasket Repair

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    Performance Tuning

    Performance Tuning / DPF Solution / EGR Solution


When you need to repair or service your Audi it is not always easy to find a workshop which can not only deliver the service but will go the extra mile and that for an affordable price.

With experienced technicians that live and breath European cars, who know the Audi family inside out DPL Motors is this place.

Our team is known for excellent service and to be able to handle jobs which are often “unfixable” for others.

All work carried out in our workshop complies to our own high standards, and strict accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Whether you drive an Audi A4, a late model Audi A6 or a brand new Q5 SUV, our expert team is looking forward to delivering the highest quality service.

We are ready to take your call – (08) 9227 5374

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