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Keeping your luxury imported European vehicle well maintained is an essential element to ensuring its longevity. Australia can be an unforgiving environment for turbo sports cars, which is why DPL motors offers Audi tuning near Mount Lawley. Our mission is simple: provide you with the best auto service possible.

Working brakes, smooth transmission gear shifting, properly aligned tyres, uninterrupted exhaust flow, and efficient fuel consumption are all elements that need to be addressed to maximise your car’s potential. You buy a luxury sports car because you want an amazing driving experience.

Our Audi tuning near Mount Lawley is performed by skilled technicians with a love of the brand. We have spent years learning all there is to know about a variety of Audi makes and models, so you can trust that we are aware how to treat your individual car. We believe in providing a unique experience for our customers because we know every vehicle is different.

We check the oil system and engine components, looking for wear, grime, and other potential factors that could decrease your car’s performance. We also tighten bolts, replace hoses and belts, and check for timing issues. We want your car to purr like a kitten every time you turn the starter.

Our shop is located close to the city, meaning you can enjoy the sights of the town while we work on your car. We understand the need for quick service, which is why we work as fast as possible to complete every task we undertake.

Affordable Mercedes Tuning near Mount Lawley

Finding Mercedes tuning near Mount Lawley that will not break the bank can be difficult, but DPL Motors understands you should be able to expect a smooth ride without having to spend a lot of cash. When you bring your car to us you can expect excellent service at prices you will love.

A full-service tune-up at our shop includes spark plug replacement, transmission fluid refills, an oil change, tyre rotation, tyre replacement if necessary, driveshaft inspection, manifold tightening, and more. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are always happy to converse with you about our work or just European cars in general. We love talking shop.

For quality Mercedes tuning near Mount Lawley, be sure to head on over to DPL Motors. We do work on gasoline as well as diesel powered engines.

Keep Your Motor Running

BMW tuning near Mount Lawley is the best way to keep your European luxury sedan operating at prime levels. Diesel engines can run the risk of clogged fuel pumps, especially if the fuel becomes cold. A clogged fuel pump results in the inability to start the car as well as sputtering engine noises and billows of black smoke shooting out your exhaust pipe. During a tune-up we flush your pump to avoid these types of situations.

Another service of our BMW tuning near Mount Lawley is cold air intake installation and maintenance. A cold air intake system is an engine pumps that pushes cold air through the engine, adding increased power and performance. If you have one of these systems installed on your vehicle we can help calibrate it for maximum effect. If you would like one installed, we can do that too.

For comprehensive BMW tuning near Mount Lawley, do not hesitate to bring your European import to DPL Motors. We cannot wait to share our passion for European cars with you.

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