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Dependable Diesel Tuning in Perth

Diesel engines have some advantages. First, the fuel is generally cheaper than standard petrol. Another advantage is they are generally more fuel efficient so you can travel further for less money. Finally, they have more torque, making them better suited than petrol powered vehicles for stop and go city driving. However, they also require regular tuning, and if you live in Perth, DPL Motors is the place to go for such services.

Our diesel tuning in Perth focuses on clearing soot from your exhaust filters. These filters are meant to reduce soot build-up from burning non-petrol fuel in your vehicle. If the filters get clogged they can damage your engine, create a fire hazard to your vehicle due to overheating, and result in a loss of vehicular power because of automatic safety features built into your vehicle’s computer system.

Having your exhaust filters regularly serviced and cleaned is the best way to ensure soot does not build up. When you bring your vehicle to us, we will check the filter to see if it needs replacing or regenerating. We will also flush your exhaust system to remove any built-up debris.

You can also help maintain the health of your exhaust filter by regenerating it. This process involves regular driving for 30 minutes once a month with your engine running at 2500 rpm. Regeneration will not completely prevent soot build-up, but it will help slow it down.

Diesel ECU Tuning

Diesel ECU tuning in Perth is a process that can truly help you get the most out of your vehicle. When fresh off the assembly line your car’s computer is programmed for the most basic performance. This is because every car off the line needs to be able to operate in a variety of weather conditions and altitudes. Emission laws, regularity of service, and fuel quality are other factors that play into the standard setting for your car’s programming.

DPL Motors’ ECU tuning in Perth addresses these concerns by adjusting the system to match your specific wants and needs, all while enhancing your vehicle’s performance. The process is completely safe and involves recalibrating the parameters programmed into the computer. The results are instantaneous and noticeable. You will immediately feel an increase in throttle control and power. This type of programming makes driving your car even more fun than it was before.

When you are looking for ECU tuning in Perth, look no further than DPL Motors. We have experience remapping car processing chips to maximise driving performance and enjoyment.

Dyno Tune Up Service

Dyno tuning in Perth is the most comprehensive approach to assessing problem areas with your vehicle and optimising its performance. We start by having a fact-finding conversation with you. During this discussion, we want to know about any issues you have noticed with your car. Such problems include pinging or clanging sounds, lack of acceleration power, steering drift, infrequent or prolonged starting of the engine, and longer stopping time. The more we know about the car, the more we can help.

The next step in our Perth dyno tuning service is to do a cursory inspection of your car. During this check, we look for obvious structural issues such as loose hoses and connections, dirty engine parts, scorched wires, and more. We also check the engine’s timing and compression as that can be a common cause of many vehicular performance issues.

We then test your car with the motor running so we can get a full idea of the possible problems and their causes. This test can take close to seven hours but is the best way to locate all technical problems your car is experiencing. When we have completed the diagnostic, we set to work making the necessary repairs. When we are done, your vehicle will be running like new again.

When you want complete dyno tuning in Perth, visit DPL Motors. We understand the importance of thoroughness.

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