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Your car might look like the sleekest piece of hardware in your neighbourhood, but if you don’t keep its insides as well maintained as the paint job it won’t be much more than a decoration. A good looking car is certainly worth some admiration, but a good looking car that backs up its appearance with some serious driving power is truly an impressive sight to behold. Drivers who value form and function equally should want to put as much thought into engine reconditioning as they do into the presentation of their vehicle, which means finding a professional you can count on for reliable advice and trustworthy service.

When you’re looking for a professional to help you rebuild your motor, it’s imperative that you seek out technicians with experience. It’s also best to visit a pro who knows the exact make and model of your vehicle intimately so that they can make recommendations and perform work based on knowledge they’ve gained firsthand. Arranging for a motor rebuild in Perth should be a carefully thought out investment, not a spur of the moment decision. The people you choose to help you with such a job should reflect your own values, and treat your vehicle as well as or better than you do.

There are several ways in which you might go about securing an engine rebuild in Perth, but one of the easiest and most cost-effective is to visit DPL Motors. DPL Motors has provided top quality service to high-end European cars for more than three years and offers a variety of services including engine reconditioning in their Perth workshop. While many garages outsource their engine rebuilds, DPL prefers to oversee the process in-house. To that end, our company stocks a large range of parts suitable for various engines, and aims to provide the best possible service for each unique client.

How Our Engine Reconditioning Works in Perth

When you bring your car to DPL Motors, here’s what happens: first of all, we listen carefully to your instructions so that we’re aware of any specific information that will help us achieve better results. Then we remove and examine your engine and any parts relevant to the task at hand (like the cylinder head and engine block). We replace any broken or run down components, clean the parts intended for reassembly, and carefully engineer any parts that still need to be machined. Finally, we rebuild your engine with factory new seals, gaskets, piston rings and bearings, replace the filters and fluids, and reinstall the engine so that we can tune it properly.

Service You Can Count On for the Long Term

All the work we do at DPL Motors is guaranteed for 15,000 km or 12 months from the purchasing date, depending on which elapses sooner. We also commit to replacing any failed engine or components for free within that period, so that you can trust our team and our methods. For more information on how we handle each motor rebuild, contact DPL Motors today.

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