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A cylinder head is a simple yet key component to any engine. They house many engine parts; including combustion chambers, exhaust valves, intake valves, springs, and lifters. When one of these components is damaged, you need to repair it as soon as possible, and DPL Motors is the auto shop in Perth you should choose to perform the necessary repairs.

These parts contain several ports for air intake and exhaust, keeping the air circulating your engine, and keeping it cool. The ports also funnel engine coolant to the engine blocks to keep the engine from overheating.

Cracked or clogged ports can cause severe damage to your engine due to airflow interruption and lack of coolant due to leakage. If you have noticed that your car is regularly overheating and your radiator’s water reservoir is full, you might need cylinder head repair in Perth.

We fix cylinder heads by adding sealant to cracked areas. This sealant is durable and will bring your car’s performance back up to speed. We can also build and install replacement parts if we are unable to repair the damaged parts.

Head Gasket Repair in Perth

A head gasket is the seal between your car’s cylinder head and cylinder block, and as such is a vital part of your car’s engine system. Blown gaskets can cause extensive and expensive damage to your engine and require immediate repair or replacement. DPL Motors in Perth has the skills and knowledge to remedy such situations quickly and effectively.

How do you know if you need head gasket repair in Perth? There are several indicators of blown or otherwise damaged gaskets. These include consistent engine overheating, bubbling in the radiator to indicate exhaust gas build-up, milky engine oil due to coolant seeping into your car’s oil reservoir, and reduced engine power and hiccoughing.

If left unattended, blown gaskets can result in cracked radiators, expulsion of the radiator cap, and bursting hoses in the engine area, all of which can be quite expensive to fix. If you think you are experiencing an issue with your gaskets, bring your car to DPL Motors straight away. Our head gasket repair in Perth is second to none. We can fix and replace gaskets for any European automobile make or model. We stock a large inventory of head gaskets for such situations.

Engine Rebuilds

If your engine has been damaged due to faulty cylinder heads or head gaskets you will most likely need an engine rebuild. During this process we take your motor apart, inspecting each element for damage. The parts that are completely damaged are thrown away and replaced with new parts. Slightly damaged and undamaged parts are saved for use when we put everything back together.

We refresh parts that have suffered minimal damage because we do not believe in wasting serviceable parts. However, you can trust that we never use faulty components to save money. We also replace or repair any seals, bearings, and piston rings that show signs of extreme wear and corrosion.

DPL Motors is the place to go when you want mechanics who are knowledgeable and will treat your European vehicle with the care and respect it deserves. Contact us today to learn more about how we can service your vehicle.

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