Has your engine’s head gasket blown? Is your car making a knocking sound at the bottom end? Has the engine seized? The chain stretched or belt snapped? What do you do?

Come to DPL Motors for an engine rebuild service! Whether your car is petrol or diesel, for the private motorist or part of the transport industry, we can get your vehicle running smoothly again!


We receive your vehicle and accept your instruction at our state of the art workshop. The engine and all associated parts are removed and thoroughly inspected- this includes removing the cylinder head from the engine block, and dismantling them into their component parts. Any worn or broken parts are replaced as a part of our quality control system.

The parts for reassembly are then passed through our specialised cleaning process, at which point all items that require machining are engineered to our explicit specifications. All machined parts are cleaned and measured prior to reassembly.

Finally, your car’s original engine is then rebuilt using new bearings, seals, piston rings and gaskets. Once it is fully assembled, the engine is replaced into your vehicle with new fluids and filters, then started and tuned for optimum reliability, utilising the latest diagnostic technology.


Our workmanship and materials are both guaranteed for 12 months after, or 12,000kms after work. In the event of a failure, we will replace either the engine or parts free of charge and at our discretion.
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